Chickie’s & Pete’s Changes Tipping Policy and Cuts Refund Checks For Servers

The fries aren't the only thing getting crabby.
The fries aren't the only thing getting crabby. Photo: visitphilly

Sounds like this tiff over skimmed tips is turning into a much bigger headache for Chickie’s & Pete’s than previously thought. As a growing number of employees, both present and past, sign on to three potential class-action lawsuits, and the Department of Labor continues looking into complaints of wage violations, the Inquirer reports that the local sports bar chain’s lawyers are moving to consolidate the pending court cases. Though a spokesperson for the company continues towing the party line that the Crabfries evangelists will “vigorously contest” lawsuits spurred by allegations of managers collecting “Pete’s Tax” at the end of shifts from servers pooled tips, changes have been made to Chickie’s & Pete’s tip policy, and refund checks have been cut to some employees whose gratuities were withheld in 2012. [Inquirer; Earlier]