Chicago, Somehow, Is America’s #1 Late Night Munchies Town


Our impression is that Chicago is much more of a roll-up-the-sidewalks and go to bed kind of town than other big cities. New York has 24-hour delis, San Francisco had 24-hour record stores, but we’re the town that inspires one ex-East Coast blogger we know to rant against butchers and doughnut shops that don’t open till the morning’s half gone. Except… apparently it’s not exactly true, according to the delivery food site Seamless, which just released a report that says Chicago actually has the highest percentage (14%) of orders placed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Of course, this isn’t exactly contradictory with not having many sitdown restaurants at that hour, since it is delivery— and the top choices are pizza and Chinese food, two especially delivery-friendly cuisines. Still, it does suggest that there’s an audience out there… it just may not want to get up off the couch, man.