Three Years Later, Cheyenne Diner’s Fate Remains Murky

M.I.A. Photo: Courtesy of Michael Perlman

Three years after it left the city in two pieces on the back of a flatbed truck, the once-mighty Cheyenne Diner is no closer to getting put back together again or reopening. The 70-year-old Art Moderne greasy spoon was evicted from its home on Ninth Avenue in 2008 to make way for an apartment building, you may remember, and after several local deals to move it fell through, the old chrome and neon was hauled away to Birmingham by entrepreneur Joel Owens, who announced plans to turn it into a family restaurant. Almost four years later, the Cheyenne is still in two pieces in an “undisclosed location,” reports, and things are looking increasingly bleak. “We’ve talked to so many cities, but everything has fallen through,” says co-owner Patti Miller. “The economy is bad. Nobody wants to do any incentives — nobody wants to do anything, they just want us to pay for everything, and then they sit back and get all the cash.” [, Earlier, Related]