New Chefs at Bix, Amber Dhara, and Sweetwater Music Hall


Bix has hired a new chef to replace outgoing chef de cuisine Erik Lowe. Chef-partner Bruce Hill has hired Edward Higgins, who arrived here from New York in late 2011 with the intention of opening his own place, called Baia. As Tablehopper reports, he’s got an impressive resume, and this bodes well for things at Bix, where the menu is likely to change a bit next month. [Tablehopper]

Meanwhile, the Scoop recently reported on a revamp afoot at Amber Dhara, the enormous spinoff of Amber India that opened in the Mission last summer. They’ve struggled to find their footing in the new space, and they earned a scathing, one-star review from Bauer, which can’t have helped. So now, they’ve brought in D.C. chef Manish Tyagi of the much loved Rasika to give the place an overhaul, menu- and cocktail-wise. [Scoop]

And Tablehopper reports on the “stepping back” of chef Gordon Drysdale at Mill Valley’s Sweetwater Music Hall. Drysdale remains a partner and a “long-term consultant,” but following his April 17 one-night-only pop-up of the former Gordon’s House of Fine Eats, he’ll be handing the reins over to right-hand-man Francisco Contreras. [Tablehopper]