Chama Gaucha Returns! Five Chicago Restaurants Named Best Service By Open Table

This is what great service looks like.
This is what great service looks like. Photo: courtesy Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

Remember Chama Gaucha in Downers Grove, the Brazilian steakhouse that placed tops among Chicago restaurants on Open Table’s calculation of the most favorably rated restaurants by its users? We were all set to mock how that conclusion was arrived at, but then we spoke with manager Nelcir Muller… and in ten minutes he convinced us that here was a restaurant so concerned about ensuring our complete satisfaction as a diner that, what the hell, if we lived out there we’d probably call it the best restaurant we know, too. Well, not surprisingly Chama Gaucha scores again on the top 100 as the highest ranked restaurant (with the most fanatically loyal clientele) in the area, followed by four other Chicago spots: L2O and Tru from Lettuce Entertain You, Goosefoot (which is, indeed, endearing), and a surprise entry but one probably reflecting the gratitude of its gluten-free customers for a first-rate restaurant at long last, Senza. (Note that this is only restaurants on Open Table, so there are places like Alinea which weren’t candidates.) They also sent out five more names rounding out a top ten for service in Illinois: Capitol Grille, Perry Street Brasserie in Galena, Everest, Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab, and Moto.