Bullitt/Tonic Guys Take Over Yong San Lounge in the ‘Loin [Updated]

Yong San Lounge
Yong San Lounge Photo: Earl G./Yelp

Clearly not busy enough preparing to open Wild Hare in Lower Pac Heights, bar empire builders Duncan Ley, Mark DeVito, and Benjamin Bleiman are closing in on their eighth bar to date. Grub Street finds them this a.m. taking over the liquor license for Yong San Lounge, the slightly seedy, Asian-owned dive at Bush and Taylor where a saucy barmaid can always be counted on to convince you to buy another shot of Patron. In the last two years, Ley and Bleiman have quickly expanded from a pair of Polk Street bars, Bullitt and Tonic, and opened Mayhem, Lightning, Rebel, and Soda Popinski’s. There’s no new name for Yong San listed as of yet, and we’ve reached out to the team for further details on their plans. The only hint we have is that the new company they started for the venture is called Mad Mole. File under: Developing. [Earlier] Update: Ley confirms the news for Grub Street, and though there isn’t anything to report yet about their plans, he says the team is “really excited about the space and the neighborhood.”