BrisketTown Adds Handy Brisketometer to Measure Crucial Brisket Supply

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He may sell the best breakfast tacos, but Dan Delaney has been preoccupied by customers making the trip to BrisketTown for dinner only to learn the meat is sold out. Enter the somewhat self-explanatory Is There Meat Left?, a rudimentary site synched with the restaurant’s POS system that lets ‘cue customers know before they go. While the site is basic binary right now, Delaney says he intends to add more detail metrics in the near future, so that potential diners will be all the more informed about the brisket that awaits them on Bedford Avenue. “A guy from Etsy banged out the code for us,” he says. “I bartered a plate of meat for it.” [NYM, Is There Meat Left?]