Turns Out Breaking Bad Has Been Wonderful for Albuquerque’s Food Scene

No, Gus is not here.
No, Gus is not here. Photo: Twisted Sifter

“They ask if they can take pictures,” says a 19-year-old shift manager at Twisters, the real-life burrito shop that stands in for Gus Fring’s crystal meth front Los Pollos Hermanos on the AMC show. “They ask if Gus is here.” Apparently Albuquerque has had a tough time figuring out how to promote itself in the midst of a Breaking Bad–related tourism boomlet, but at least a lot of local merchants are getting into it. Rebel Dount sells a rock-candy-topped “Blue Sky” doughnut, and sweets purveyor the Candy Lady even sells “Blue Ice” meth treats by the baggie. Relax — it’s only cotton-candy-flavored sugar; at least Aaron Paul seems to think so. [Skift, Earlier, Related]