Anthony Bourdain Thinks Men ‘Kind of Suck’

Loves the ladies.
Loves the ladies. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Bourdain shared what he’s learned from judging The Taste with EW, particularly when it comes to women. “I had no idea that the four delicious mouthfuls of food I selected as good enough for my team would turn out to come from four not-unattractive women,” he says. “I saw this as karma — and as proof of something when I found out … But doing my best to mentor my all-powerful, all-woman team, The Taste really brought that message home. I like my team a lot. I miss them. Also, men kind of suck.” That’s his idea of feminism? One woman Boudain’s very fond of is Nigella Lawson: She wear fuzzy slippers, always carries French sea salt, and “kicks ass at beer pong.” You can see them both in action tonight on The Taste’s season finale. [Pop Watch/EW]