A Farm To Table Tycoon? Investor Plans Café With His Farm’s Food


Did Chicago investor Fred Latsko just look at the warm and fuzzy Chicago farm-to-table scene and think, “vertical integration?” Maybe. Latsko, who among various real estate investments is the backer of Chicago Q and Table 52, is planning a cafe’s called Blue Door Farm Stand at 843 W. Armitage, serving sandwiches and salads as well as coffee and pastries. What’s interesting, besides the restaurant itself, is the way it dovetails with other aspects of Latsko’s business— he’s leasing the space back from a realty trust which bought the property in 2012 from… Fred Latsko. And the restaurant will use produce from an Indiana farm… Fred Latsko’s. All of which, besides representing an apparent personal interest in farm to table stuff, is undoubtedly pretty smart for making a café with 40 seats a viable concern on a pretty high rent strip which most agree is currently a bit underserved, restaurant-wise. It’s set to open in May. [Chicago Real Estate Daily]