‘Bitter Barista’ Back on the Job

Pour guy.
Pour guy. Photo: David Sifry/Flickr

Welcome back, Mr. Grumpypants! Matt Watson, the Seattle barista who was fired after it was revealed he was keeping a blog on the side filled with industry-specific snark (“Every time someone orders an extra-hot-no-foam latte, an angel rapes a puppy” — oh, ha) is back on the job at a new coffee shop, his hopes of hitting viral superstardom somewhat deferred. The $8,500 he raised on Kickstarter will allow Watson to print a book of pithy coffee maxims, the Seattle Times reports, but will only net $3,000. For now, it’s back to 30-hour work weeks and a 5:30 a.m. start time, the peace and quiet of which should really help out with his “second life as a hip-hop artist.” [Seattle Times via CoffeeCity/Twitter, Earlier]