New Blog Attempts to Lend More ‘Writerly Experience’ to Reviews of Mission Burritos

Chipotle was actually their first review.
Chipotle was actually their first review. Photo: Chipotle

Burrito blogs are a well worn tradition at this point, and BurritoEater is the king of them. Over the years many, many a critic, armchair and semi-pro, has tackled the topic of Best Burrito. Now, entering the fray, we have Bay Area Review of Burritos. As of now, they’ve only hit a half dozen spots, mostly in Oakland, along with the famed El Faro. And critics Casey Deeha, Chipp Oatlay, Sal Savirdy and “El Presidente Mole” promise to provide “not merely a description of burritos, but a more writerly experience that gives the attention to burritos that they deserve.” Yep. You heard it here, folks. So far the reviews are a bit more Yelp-ish than literary magazine worthy, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until they call Cancun a Chekhovian experience, or whatever. [Bay Area Review of Burritos]