Take an ASL Tour of Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto


KQED’s Anna Mindess does double duty as both a food writer and an American Sign Language courtroom interpreter, and thus it makes sense that she should lead guided tours for deaf foodies through Edible Excursions. She recently took a group to Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto (pre-Chez Panisse fire from the looks of it), tasting and signing about food and drink at Saul’s Deli, the Local Butcher Shop, the Cheese Board, Vintage Berkeley, and elsewhere. Mindess admits that signing terms like “full-bodied” and “floral notes” in regard to wine were “not the kind of phrases that usually come up in my daily courtroom interpreting.” But somehow, she made it through.

Deaf Foodies Savor Gourmet Ghetto Tasting Tour in Sign Language [KQED]