The Fanciest Beard Papa Ever Opens in Palms

Beard Papa, now open in Palms
Beard Papa, now open in Palms Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Look who’s high-falutin’ it over in Palms now? Beard Papa, the Japanese cream puff chain, opened its latest L.A. location on Saturday in the former home of Guelaguetza’s western-most outpost. Now, we certainly can’t say we’ve seen them all, but this one’s a sleeper of a stunning space, sort of more fitting of another Plan Check than a chain pastry shop. Though the red brick arches remain the same from its Oaxacan days, the fashionable new look for this little cream puff that could has reclaimed wood slats covering the walls, leather armchairs and swivel office stools, tea and pour-over coffee to go with the sweets. Well, la-di-da Bread Papa, you fancy huh? Anyway, take a look at the newly debuted link in the chain below.

Beard Papa in PalmsTatiana Arbogast

Beard Papa, 11127 Palms Blvd. Palms.

Beard PapaTatiana Arbogast

Beard PapaTatiana Arbogast