Aziza Chef Mourad Lahlou Lashes Back at Anti-Equality Folk on Twitter

Mourad's recent cookbook.
Mourad's recent cookbook. Photo: Artisan Books

Chef Mourad Lahlou has some strong words for any former Twitter followers or Facebook friends who object to his taking a stand on the gay marriage issue. Lahlou posted the red-and-pink equal sign on his Facebook wall today, as many thousands of others have in support of marriage equality during this landmark week of Supreme Court hearings. Also, several days ago, he posted a link on Twitter to a viral video on Upworthy imagining “a world without hate,” in which people like Martin Luther King, Harvey Milk, and Matthew Shepard were still alive and fighting for the cause. The result has been the loss of a few fans, as Lahlou tells us (eleven on Facebook and “a lot” on Twitter, he says), and he just tweet-responded, “unfriending & unfollowing me for supporting equality makes u an ignorant jerk. but rest assured, i’ll support u too when u decide to grow up.” Support him by following him, if you like, or dining at Aziza. [MouradLahlou/Twitter]