Arlington Club a ‘Major Hookup Scene’ for Fiftysomethings

Steak! Sushi! Sex!
Steak! Sushi! Sex! Photo: Melissa Hom

Where do scenesters go to score after they get too old for Lavo? The steakhouse is attracting a crowd of eager forty- and fiftysomethings, the Post reports. “I’m single and looking for a man — the men are the meat,” says one woman. And a 58-year-old “femme fatale and twice-divorced grandma” boasts that she visits Arlington Club four times a week, and has dated three guys she’s met there. So won’t running into former flames become awkward? One man and his ex-wife have actually coordinated going to the restaurant on alternate nights to avoid that exact problem. But the “total divorce place” has its drawbacks — one woman recalls seeing a man’s wedding band fall out of his pocket. But hey, nothing says eligible Upper East Side bachelor like ordering a $130 Côte de Boeuf and $1,200 bottle of Joseph Phelps sparkling wine. [NYP]