American Sardine Bar Coming Up Al Fresco This Spring

American Sardine Bar's outdoor space
American Sardine Bar's outdoor space Photo: Naked Philly

Too soon to be talking about eating and drinking in the great outdoors? Daylight Saving Time’s arrival this coming Sunday says otherwise. And as the promise of longer days and milder weather prod us from winter’s slumber, there’s good news that American Sardine Bar will be coming up al fresco this spring. Naked Philly reports the Zoning Board of Adjustments has finally signed off on owner John Longacre’s plan to use the lot he owns behind the Point Breeze bar for outdoor seating. Work to transform the once trash-strewn parcel into the Sardine Bar’s patio has been on hold due to the concerns of one neighbor. But with overwhelming support from the community, Longacre got the go-ahead to proceed. There’s no word yet on when the space will be ready to seat guests, but with spring on the way, it can’t be that far off. Stay tuned for more. [Naked Philly]