Behold the Menu for Alder, Which Opens Today

Dufresne prepares rye pasta.
Dufresne prepares rye pasta.Photo: JaegerSloan/Courtesy of Alder

It’s here! Wylie Dufresne has unveiled the menu for Alder, and as expected, it’s a little freaky. The wd~50 chef’s latest avant-garde dishes include “Pigs in a Blanket” (Chinese sausage, Japanese mustard, sweet chili sauce), “Fried Quail” (banana curry, Chinese broccoli, pickled turmeric), “Chicken Liver Toast” (cornbread, grapefruit marmalade, chicken skin), and “Oxtail Stew” (carrot slaw, fried plantains). There’s also a cocktail with sea buckthorn, and an ominous-sounding vanilla ice cream with red pepper oil for dessert. Alder’s website is particularly impressive; it features gallery images of Dufresne’s perspective while making rye pasta. The restaurant opens at 157 Second Avenue (near 10th Street) today. David Chang says it’s “gonna crush it.” [Earlier]