Real Housewives Star Opening Beverly Hills Restaurant Just To Make Co-Star Angry

Vanderpump: Of course, "real" is pretty relative word is this world
Vanderpump: Of course, "real" is pretty relative word is this worldPhoto: State Farm

Even if you don’t care, you might not have been able to avoid the awareness that Lisa Vanderpump, one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is a co-owner of two restaurants in Beverly Hills, Villa Blanca and SUR. Given the nature of reality TV, this is naturally leading to high-drama and jealousy with one of her co-stars. Adrienne Maloof, another star of the show, tells TMZ that Villa Blanca is “a disaster” so she’s going to start a restaurant of her own in the same neighborhood.

Maloof’s plan is for a 200 seat restaurant with a private entrance to accommodate celebrity guests over Mediterranean seafood and steaks. Of course, the region is not exactly in dire need of more steaks, but then again there’s no exact word what any of these people know about running a restaurant in the first place. Oh well, guess that’s “reality” for you.

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