Adam Richman Named Host of New NBC Food Fighters Game Show

Ready to criticize your lasagna.
Ready to criticize your lasagna. Photo: Getty Images

Deadline Hollywood reports that the Peacock has picked a new cooking competition show, with Man v. Food host Adam Richman at the helm, to be called Food Fighters. Sadly, the competition does not involve seeing how far contestants can sling mashed potatoes across the room; it will reportedly take the time-tested form of a recipe-based showdown between “amateur contestants [who] will rely on their own recipes and three culinary ‘llifeline,’ as they square off against expert chefs who will have to cook the same dish.” Everyone’s dishes are submitted to the judges, known as “the Dinner Party.” Clever, but is it appetizing? Eater points us to the show’s open casting notice — these people are looking for your sacred family recipes right now. Prizes include cash; the chance to compete against yet another culinary professional; and, presumably, the happiness you will derive from total strangers asking you for your Buffalo chicken dip for the rest of your life. [Deadline, NBC via Eater]