Slideshow: See Acadia’s New Late Winter Menu… Both Savory and Sweet


Acadia was acclaimed pretty much out of the box, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t evolved since it opened in December 2011, and the third major reworking of the menu since it opened shows a restaurant that’s more confident in how it delivers satisfying experiences while also making plates so gorgeous you could hang them on the wall. Well, pictures of them, anyway, which is what we have courtesy of photographer Anthony Tahlier; there’s some of the most exquisite plating in the city on the savory courses from chef Ryan McCaskey, but to really give you something to drool over on a Friday, we’ve got pastry chef Thomas Raquel’s newest dessert courses, which combine classical and modernist techniques and a bit of retro whimsy (doughnuts are involved) to send you out with a smile on your face. We’ll have an interview with Raquel on Monday, but in the meantime, check out what’s coming from the kitchen at one of our hottest and best newer (if no longer newest) restaurants. The slideshow starts below.