Your Fish Is Not Who You Think He Is


Hey, you know how we seem to have sushi restaurants on every corner? How can they all be serving impressively sourced fish of the most in-demand species? It’s easy… they’re not. According to a study released by the conservancy group Oceana, a third of the sushi slices sold in Chicago are not the fish they claim to be. Red snapper is often something else, yellowtail was never really yellowtail in their sample, and so on. Unhelpfully, they didn’t actually name the restaurants, because they claim it’s hard to know where in the supply chain the deception occurs, but they also say one of the reasons Americans are especially susceptible to fish fraud is because we mainly eat bland white fish… and thus are more easily fooled than people who eat, say, mackerel. At least all of the salmon was salmon— but you can pretty much tell that for yourself. [Tribune]