Watch Women Bartenders Make Drinks, Really Fast, For a Good Cause

Keli Rivers of the Hotsy Totsy Club
Keli Rivers of the Hotsy Totsy Club Photo: Courtesy of Speed Rack

People complain that there aren’t enough female bartenders, especially in the upper echelons of the cocktail sphere, but every year there are more and more ladies learning to shake with the best of them. Speed Rack is a competition, now in its second year, for women who tend bar. It happens in multiple cities across the country each year, and the San Francisco event happens next weekend, February 24, at the kinda sorta open Chapel on Valencia Street (the bar and music venue at 777 Valencia have been open on the regular, however the restaurant remains very much a construction zone). It’s a test of both speed and accuracy in the making of multiple drinks, and the winner will be crowned Miss Speed Rack SF. Also, it’s a benefit for breast cancer research, so you should feel good about spending the twenty bucks to attend, and you’ll get to sample what they make. Get details and tickets here.