Willie Brown Says Healthy S.F. Violators Should Just Negotiate With Herrera


City insiders know by now that you should probably take Willie Brown’s advice when it comes to dealing with City Hall, since the man’s only had his hands in dozens of local pots for four decades or so. Today he chimes in about the Healthy S.F. debacle, saying that restaurateurs who are getting all panicky and lawyering up to face off with City Attorney Dennis Herrera should actually, probably, just go meet with him and be open about their books. He notes, for one, that Michael Mina has already done this. “My comments will obviously piss the restaurants’ lawyers off,” he says, because it will lose them a lot of billable hours. Believe him, or don’t, but he insists that “the restaurants of San Francisco can take care of their problems at no extra cost if they deal directly with the City Attorney’s office.” [Scoop, Earlier, Earlier still]