Did the Smoke Truck Get Snuffed Out?

On hiatus, or out of commission?
On hiatus, or out of commission? Photo: Collin Keefe

What in the name of hickory-smoked brisket happened to the Smoke Truck? The once promising mobile barbecue operation that Wishing Well owner Chris Martino and former Bebe’s BBQ/Fergie’s pit dude Mark Coates launched late in 2011 seemed poised for world domination after scoring some righteous ink in Food & Wine, which included the truck on of its “Best New BBQ” last year, and then went on to take top honors at 2012 Vendy Awards. The rig’s been rather idle of late. Grub’s noticed that is hasn’t budged from its parking space in front of Wishing Well in months — perhaps its three flat tires have something to do with that — and it’s been an eternity since we’ve noticed the fragrant aroma of smoke and meat on the winds wafting down Ninth Street.

Last fall, Eater reported that Coates moved back to his native Mississippi, presumably leaving the truck to partner Martino. We reached out to Coates, but did not get a response. A call to Martino and the Wishing Well to find out the truck’s status was never returned. We’re guessing it’s either on a lengthy hiatus, or it’s been snuffed out all together. We’ll keep you posted of any updates.