Want To Study Midwestern Foods? Apply For These Grants


Been thinking about the hermaneutics of Jell-O desserts? Ready to tackle a diegesis of gender roles in coffee cakes? If there’s a topic on midwestern food that fascinates you (and is hopefully less woolly than our made-up examples), the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance wants to hear about it from you. The non-profit food group (and its allied organization, Culinary Historians of Chicago), with the financial backing of the Julia Child Foundation For Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts, has announced three American Midwest Foodways Scholar’s Grants, ranging from $500 to $3000, to underwrite research on midwestern foods. The awards are admirably open-ended— open to academics and casual researchers, and to a wide range of possible end products, from books to articles to videos or other media. If there’s something you’ve thought about researching and writing about (or collecting oral histories of, or whatever), go here to find out more about the requirements and the deadline for applications (April 1— but it’s no joke).