Video Shows What’s Up at The Whistler These Days


Some months back we mentioned the video series started by a man named Paul Leddy, in which he visited different bars and filmed the bartenders talking about (and making) their signature drinks. Eventually the series was picked up by Chicagoist under the title “Behind the Stick,” and it continues to get better with experience— and to serve as a great way to check out the state of mixology in Chicago from the comfort of your own couch and fridge full of Bud. The latest visits The Whistler, which is better known for the mixologist who departed (Paul McGee, now of Bub City and the soon-to-open Three Dots and a Dash) than for the ones still carrying on its program; in the video below Leddy talks with Eric Henry as he makes a drink using verdita. What’s verdita? Find out in the video, and check out other videos in the series here. [Chicagoist]