Video Feed: 18th Floor Cocktail Demo by Craig Schoettler at Drumbar

Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

When Drumbar at the top of the Raffaello opened last summer, the words “rooftop deck” and its spectacular yet human-scaled 18th floor views of Mag Mile skyscrapers were enough to have it packed every night. Come winter, though, and it’s a different matter, which is why the hotel recruited Craig Schoettler, formerly of The Aviary, to try to make the bar a hot cocktail destination and a welcoming neighborhood hangout. Which, frankly, it could hardly be better suited for— you’d never think from the space’s comfortable old-money feel that it had never been a bar before last year, it feels like it’s been around since the Cape Cod Room was hot new dining. Schoettler has upgraded the cocktail program not only with Aviary-level modernist techniques, but also with simply a lot of impeccably sourced product, and in our short video below he shows off some of the rare vintages they’ve acquired as well as one impressive cocktail he calls “Smoke” (which is on the “Progressive” cocktails menu, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only). Watch our 4-1/2 minute video below, then check out the menu.

Download: Drumbar Menu February 2013