U.S. Department of Labor Looking Into Possible Pay Violations at Chickie’s & Pete’s

Crab Fries, almost as crabby as Chickie's & Pete's employees
Crab Fries, almost as crabby as Chickie's & Pete's employees Photo: visitphilly

Looks like the dustup that has Chickie’s & Pete’s employees, past and present, growing increasingly crabby over skimmed tips and other
misdeeds, shows no signs of letting up. Amid ongoing allegations and multiple class action lawsuits related to the company imposing “Pete’s tax” on tipped employees at the end of their shifts, the U.S. Department of Labor is now looking into possible pay violations, the Inky reports. Through a spokesman, the company continues to deny any wrongdoing, and vows to “vigorously contest” these claims in court. But while no one’s admitting guilt, recent moves to issue refund checks to servers who paid Pete’s tax in 2012, and signs posted this week at its locations that say Chickie’s & Pete’s will no longer pay tipped employees a flat $15 for each shift speaks volumes about the company, its questionable practices and how it might all play out in eyes of the law. [Inquirer; Earlier]