Todd English's 'Truffled Potato Love Letters' Await Your Reply

Pass the Dramamine!

The hackneyed chef swoon of Todd English knows no boundaries and even haunts the Queen Mary 2, writes Dwight Garner, who braves a cross-Atlantic voyage on the cruise ship in the name of truth. Everyone from Guy Fieri to Geoffrey Zakarian is lending their names to big boat restaurants, and in English's case, the experience is somewhat akin, apparently, to being smothered with a heart-shaped pillow. By the time you see "Todd's Truffled Potato Love Letters" on the menu, Garner writes, "you know you are in for it." And after you read the menu bio describing "One of the most decorated, respected, and charismatic chefs in the world," "you lurch outside to the deck and throw yourself overboard." [NYT, Earlier]