The Rap Video Guide to Chicago Eats


If there’s one thing you can count on the internet for, it’s answering any and all pop culture questions, and if your question was, “Hey, what was that hot dog place that IL Will and Sasha Go Hard are rapping at?”, then a new blog called This Here’s Overrated, But I Love Your City, Baby is just the answer you’ve been waiting for, painstakingly documenting Chicago restaurants seen in Chicago-shot rap videos, to a level of precision bordering on insanity:

The first snack happens at Hot Dog Express. La Palpita shows up in the background, since it’s nearby. Yummy Buffet is the restaurant with the red awning. Finally, China Star is in the same shopping center as the laundromat in the video.

If that’s what you gotta know, they’re the ones who know it. [This Here’s Overrated, But I Love Your City, Baby]