Critics Say New Tavern on the Green Layout Is Classist

The entrance for takeout food is all the way in the back.
The entrance for takeout food is all the way in the back. Photo: Courtesy New York City Department of Design and Construction, via DNAInfo

Members of CB7 Manhattan’s Parks Committee were reportedly less than enthusiastic with landscape renderings for the rebooted Tavern on the Green presented during a meeting earlier this week. DNAinfo reports that board members weren’t happy that guests seeking the restaurant’s less expensive takeout food will have to walk around to the renovated restaurant’s back entrance to place an order, while guests looking to spend more money inside will be welcomed front and center by a hostess. “What’s coming through is the sense that the takeaway [area] is somehow second class, less desirable,” committee co-chair Klair Neuwalt said. Chair Mark Diller called the pathway leading to the full-service restaurant welcoming but agreed that guests who have to seek out the takeout window have “no obvious invitation” to the area. At the very least, the menu at the new Tavern on the Green, which opens this fall, will be less pricey all around. [DNAinfo, Earlier]