Staples Center Not Bowing to Morrissey’s Vegetarian Strong-Arming

Heaven knows he's miserable now
Heaven knows he's miserable now Photo: Andres.Moreno/Flickr

It turns out Morrissey’s camp jumped the gun a little bit in their fervor for animal rights. Yesterday’s report that the singer had succeeded where Paul McCartney failed by convincing The Staples Center to go completely meat-free for a March 1st concert now turn out to be a miserable lie premature. Instead, the venue is simply committing to the addition of more vegetarian options and encouraging L.A. Live eateries around the stadium to do the same. So, if you’re that sensitive, black-clad concert-goer who struggles to side with Morrissey over a juicy burger, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both. Just be warned: PETA is going to be there to “to talk to attendees about animal-free lifestyles.” [LAist]