Downtown’s St. Vincent Court Cleared of Outdoor Dining, Restaurateurs Fear For Livelihoods

Los Angeles Theatre
Los Angeles Theatre Photo: David Hilowitz/Flickr

Restaurant and cafe owners encircling Downtown’s St. Vincent Court are despondent over a crackdown on outdoor dining in the enchanting alleyway off Broadway, considered by many to be the life blood of these mostly Middle Eastern eateries. Despite a flourishing scene of outdoor tables and an al fresco food court, L.A. Downtown News notes that the outdoor seating is unpermitted and totally illegal, with a long-stewing battle over their presence running over this week, as notices finally forced owners to remove their courtyard tables. The crackdown stems from the frustrated feelings of the owners of the Los Angeles Theatre, who claim the crowded patio restricts access inside their landmark, costing millions in lost filming and event revenue. On the other side, restaurateurs worry the removal of these tables will kill their livelihoods, despite the fact that their impromptu seating is against the law. Sevan Garden owner Bgos Miaramoglu simply tells the paper, “I’m finished.”

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