Sodikoff Week Continues: Deli In, Ramen Out, BBQ Huh?


Besides the fact that every newsstand this week declares his place at one pinnacle of Chicago restaurateuring, there is, as always, a lot going on in Brendan Sodikoff’s busy world this week. Where the original announcement of his Dillman’s Deli project occurred in Time Out, for some reason he chose Eater this time for the news yesterday that Dillman’s is indeed going into the Steve’s Deli space in River North, as was rumored some time back.

Also, toward the end of the Eater piece there’s a random mention of a hitherto unknown BBQ spot he’s planning, of which we are told nothing… except that the description of the space clearly means that the BBQ spot is the answer to the question “Hey, wasn’t Brendan Sodikoff going to open a wood burning oven pizza place right next to Nellcôte?”

Finally, he also talked with Eater at some length about the ramen spot going under Gilt Bar… but somehow by this morning this becomes the news from 312 Dining Diva that the ramen bar is on hold. Instead she has pictures of the cozy, decidedly Aviary’s The Office-like downstairs bar called Library, which has a comfy old world look a bit like Sodikoff’s Bavette’s. Hey Brendan, if all this changes again later today, you’ve got our email.