Sightglass Opens the Very Coffee-Geeky Top Bar, Upstairs

Photo: Grub Street

Do you know your AeroPress from your French press, your single-origin beans from your blends? Then you will likely be jazzed to hear about the newest place to geek out about coffee, Top Bar — the upstairs coffee bar at Sightglass (270 7th Street). As Tablehopper reports, it’s open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and you can sample things like their single-origin Sidama Boltuma from Ethiopia, which forms the “backbone” of their Owl’s Howl espresso blend. And you can taste the differences between brewing methods like V60, AeroPress, and pour over. In other news, Sightglass’s Mission outpost, coming to the space next door to Trick Dog at 3000 20th Street, is looking at opening around June. [Tablehopper, Earlier]