Senza Owners Launch Gluten-Free Bakery at… Senza

Gluten-free English muffins.
Gluten-free English muffins. Photo: courtesy Senza

Senza, the culinarily ambitious gluten-free restaurant in Lakeview under former Schwa vet chef Noah Sandoval, seems to be escaping the ghetto of special-diet restaurants and successfully making it as, simply, a restaurant which serves the large universe of things besides gluten. It’s gotten favorable reviews, and we have it on good authority that Chef Sandoval will be featured on an upcoming Key Ingredient segment at the Reader. Now owners Susan McMillian and Amelia Fonti, who developed the concept, have added a gluten-free bakery operating during Senza’s morning hours, 9 am to noon Tuesday through Friday, with items ranging from blueberry and orange poppyseed muffins, to vegan dark chocolate muffins, to English muffins (shown here). They recommend calling ahead to order; call 773-944-0332.