Scream Sorbet Likely to Close

Photo: Courtesy of Scream

Oakland’s well loved Scream Sorbet, which began as a farmers’ market stand and expanded to a storefront in Temescal in 2011, is danger of having to close. Reports of the closure popped up on a Chow board, and owner Nathan Kurz confirmed the news there, saying that the scoop shop will “be closing down in early March unless our situation rapidly changes for the better.” They’re seeking an outside investor to help fund some legally required improvements to their shop, and failure to make the improvements will mean a loss of their health permit. And despite their effort to launch a breakfast menu to help get them through the slow winter months, Kurz admits they’re now $50K in the hole. Kurz has actually put out a plea for investors and/or anyone “with more business experience and connections than we possess.” [Chow via EBX]