Scottish Locavore Restaurant (Intentionally) Serving Horse Lasagna

Soon to be casserole.
Soon to be casserole. Photo: iStockphoto

A Glasgow restaurant called Stravaigin that proudly hangs a “think global, eat local” flag on its website has looked at horsemeat from both sides now, and has decided to fully embrace the other red meat: “In true Stravaigin fashion, from 5pm on Friday 1st March, we will be serving up 100% horse lasagne,” it announced yesterday on its Facebook page. “In our research we found that numerous cultures have been eating mare, mustang and filly long before it became the topic of scandalous conversations in the UK. Not convinced? Well hay! (Sorry) It’s wonderfully healthy, with half the fat of beef and ten times the cholesterol shattering Omega 3s so gallop in.” Well done, guys. That’s what we call champing at the bit. [Stravaigin/Facebook, Earlier, Related]