But It’s All Over Now: Rolling Stone Restaurant Folds in Hollywood

Rolling Stone: The Entrance
Rolling Stone: The Entrance Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Considering that Vince Neil , Lyndyrd Skynyrd, and Toby Keith all have their own restaurants, you can’t necessarily blame Rolling Stone magazine for giving it a shot. Perceiving itself as somehow still relevant, the publication sprang a self-branded bi-level club and eatery on the Walk of Fame back in 2011. But rather than embrace a concept that might appeal to Hollywood’s tourist hordes, Rolling Stone got all Tinseltown diva on everybody, putting on airs that it would introduce a”high-end” concept (based on an aging $3.95 magazine) in an effort to get would-be players to pop their bottles there over trout toast, burgers, and flatbreads.

Today, Eater finds that the whole project has completely, inevitably folded, with another restaurant concept expected to take its place this summer. But unless that involves Flavor Flav and fried chicken, we’re probably not filling out the subscription card for whatever follows Rolling Stone: The Restaurant.

The Day the Music, and Rolling Stone Restaurant, Died [Eater]

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But It’s All Over Now: Rolling Stone Restaurant Folds in Hollywood