Watch Ricardo Zarate Break Down Paiche

Ricardo Zarate
Ricardo Zarate Photo: The Daily Meal

Following a safe strain of light jazz more fitting for a local cable access show, The Daily Meal shares a few minutes with L.A. and Lima’s shared culinary hero, Ricardo Zarate. Ditching his chef whites for a super sexy ivory button-down, the chef offers the first direct word in months on his plans for Paiche, the restaurant he’s bringing to Marina del Rey this spring. Zarate is turning away from branding the project a cevicheria as originally expressed, instead refining the concept into a “Peruvian izakaya” that wears the South American nation’s Japanese heritage on its sleeve. “It’s going to have a very strong accent on seafood but with a Japanese flair,” the chef says. Cooing his most coveted ingredients like a modern-day Mariano Melgar (“aji amarillo…rocoto, the choclo”), Zarate then offers tribute to the restaurant’s namesake river monster, the 600 pound prehistoric fish he’s helping to bring back from endangerment by getting The States hooked on its sweet, soft flesh. Hear Zarate divulge his plans for Paiche in the below video.

Ricardo Zarate Dishes on His New Restaurant Paiche [TDM]