Restaurant Hunts Down Woman to Bill Her $5 for Using Its Restroom

Aggressive move. (Note that Barnes's husband's last name is Edwards.)
Aggressive move. (Note that Barnes's husband's last name is Edwards.)Photo: Today via Patricia Barnes

Patricia Barnes really had to pee, so she stopped by a nearby restaurant and asked if she could use the bathroom. Totally normal. The staffers at Tennessee’s the Flood Zone said “sure.” On her way into the restroom, Barnes missed a tiny sign on the mirror that said non-patrons must pay a $5 charge. An employee mentioned it to her as she was leaving, but Barnes breezed on by and drove away without paying. That’s when shit went down: The restaurant proceeded to write down her license plate number, enlist a sheriff to track her down, and then send a strongly worded note demanding payment. When Barnes returned in person to hand over $5, the owner refused to take the money, claiming she just wanted to make a point. Let’s not tell Seth MacFarlane about this, okay? [Cut, Today]