Suit Says Yuengling’s a Tax Cheat

This probably blows our chances for scoring more free beer.
This probably blows our chances for scoring more free beer.Photo: Courtesy Yuengling

Remember last fall when Dick Yuengling bought every drinker in Philadelphia a beer to thank us all for our outpouring of brotherly love for America’s oldest brewery? Guess how the “The City That Loves You Back” is reciprocating? With a $6.6 million civil suit! The city claims Yuengling is in arrears on business-income and -receipts taxes to the tune of $3,960,335, according to the Daily News. The remainder is interest and penalties. But what’s strange is, business-income and -receipts taxes are ordinarily levied on people and corporations engaging in taxable activity within the city limits. The case against Yuengling doesn’t outline exactly what taxable business the brewery was up to when it racked up its debt. It just cites an accounts payable list from a Philly-based beer distributor. Could this possible be the end of our sudsy romance with Pottsville’s beer royalty? We sure hope not. [Daily News; Earlier]