Papaya King Abdicates Its Throne In Hollywood

We're sadder to see the signage go than the hot dogs
We're sadder to see the signage go than the hot dogsPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

Plunking a Papaya King down in Hollywood sounded pretty good on paper. But frankly, we’d rather negotiate for a bacon-wrapped street dog than funnel our money to SBE’s empire of clubs that would have us rejected at the door for some sort of trespass against high fashion. Not sure that’s how the entire Walk of Fame set feels, but nonetheless, Sam Nazarian’s hospitality group is dismantling their New York import to make room for more club space. Eater reports that Papaya King’s classic signage is no more hanging above Wilcox Blvd., as the restaurant is closing to make room for an expanded version of Sayer’s Club. Cleo and Mercato di Vetro’s Danny Elmaleh will hatch a new menu for the venture, which will keep earlier hours, opening in the afternoon. [Eater]