Ninth Street Bakery to Close After 87 Years of Business

The good ol' days.
The good ol' days. Photo:

As another East Village landmark prepares to shut its doors, Fork in the Road takes a look back at the bakery’s rich history. Original owners Max and Lena Wolkirmerski emigrated from Belarus to America in 1913, and they got their start selling baked goods out of a pushcart on Orchard Street. In 1926, the bakery moved to Ninth Street, and the business stayed in the family up until the nineties. Now current owner Oleg Kucherenko can’t afford the 38 percent increase in rent. “We are too old now to fight for this,” he says. It’s a heartbreaking story. Ninth Street is expected to close before the end of the summer, but the landlord is yet to find a new tenant. New York needs a carb-loading superhero, stat. [Fork in the Road/VV]