New Facade Shows There’s Signs of Life at Royal Sushi & Izakaya

A scene from Royal Sushi's pop-up back in 2011.
A scene from Royal Sushi's pop-up back in 2011. Photo: Jeff Towne

Last week brought word of Royal Sushi & Izakaya, the long overdue sushi and Japanese pub concept that Khyber, Royal Tavern and Cantina owners Stephen Simons and Dave Frank have been working on for, like, forever near 2nd and Catherine streets, taking part in next month’s Brewer’s Plate. Now Naked Philly is reporting there’s some more signs of life for the endlessly delayed project. Seems a brand new facade has recently gone up on the front of the property. Gone is the time-worn, intricately carved wood frontage. In its place is new brickwork. Though not much to go on, it shows work’s underway, and progress is being made. How long until an opening? Your guess is as good as ours. [Naked Philly]

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