Miles Table Opening Amid a Restaurant Boom on the West Side of South Street

Miles Table
Miles Table Photo: Miles Table

Speaking of emerging restaurant rows: Miles Table, an offshoot of Michael Lynch’s Catering by Miles (Miles is his kid), is gearing up to make its debut on the 1600 block of South Street in the weeks to come. Along with some recent arrivals to the neighborhood — Sawatdee, Cambridge, Rex 1516, and a second Honey’s Sit ’n Eat that’s opening at any minute — Miles Table heralds a rising restaurant renaissance along South Street’s once underutilized stretch on the west side of Broad Street. Lynch plans on serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and to keep the prices pretty reasonable. While the menu is still taking shape, a rep for the project told Grub to expect things like eggs and breakfast sandwiches in the morning, and salads, burgers, pasta, pizza and a fish of the day option for lunch and dinner. Stay tuned. We’ll have more to share as the opening date gets closer.