Milano Market Apologizes for Frisking Forest Whitaker

Don't mess with him.
Don't mess with him. Photo: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

When the actor stopped by the Morningside Heights deli on Friday to buy some yogurt, an employee accused him of stealing and publicly frisked him. Whitaker was justifiably upset after the patdown; frisking people without evidence is a rights violation. But he responded like a gentleman: “Forest did not call the authorities at the request of the worker who was in fear of losing his employment,” his rep told TMZ. “Forest asked that, in the future, the store change their behavior and treat the public in a fair and just manner.” Milano’s rep has now responded, saying that a “misguided” employee is to blame, and that the management doesn’t believe race was a factor. Plus: Milano is retraining its employees and offering to make a donation to the charity of Whitaker’s choice. [TMZ]