Max Wade, Accused Thief of Fieri’s Lambo, Is Kind of Fascinating


San Francisco Magazine has a new piece profiling Max Wade, the kid accused of both stealing Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini, and attempting to murder a girl he had a crush on and her boyfriend in Mill Valley. From the start, the story had some great, dramatic plot points, and writer Chris Roberts delves as deeply as he can into Max’s character, despite the fact that almost no one who knows Max will talk to him. “If and when he gets out, I don’t want to be on a list of people he wants to get even with or whatever,” says a former friend. The kid appears to be a self-styled gangster with a French mother who adores him, but also a troubled kid who once had to testify against his father in a domestic abuse trial. And all his heroes growing up were either martial artists or drug kingpins. And to give you an idea of how some of his peers are celebrating him and his swagger, please see the music video and tribute song below, by Marin rappers Brilliant and Timbalias.

It’s kind of amazing.

Mad Max [SF Mag]
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