Marrow, From Jon’s Street Eats Guy, Coming to Oakland’s Uptown

Kosorek in 2009.
Kosorek in 2009. Photo: Lettuce Eat Kale

Early fancy-food-truck pioneer Jon Kosorek, whose Jon’s Street Eats operation made a big splash on the Oakland scene when it launched in 2009, has returned from his exile in Wine Country and will be opening a brick-and-mortar spot this spring in Oakland. As Diablo reports, Kosorek has scooped up the former Looney’s BBQ at 325 19th Street and plans to open Marrow, a whole-animal, meat-centric lunch spot. He plans on doing a concise menu with just a handful of specials, and a couple staples like a burger, steak frites, and a a Jon’s Street Eats signature, his corned beef Reuben on marble rye. The twist is that he’ll only be buying one cow at a time, and will use every part of the animal possible, from the lard (used to fry the French fries) to the liver. Marrow should open by mid-March or early April. [Diablo, Earlier]